Student Projects

Undergraduate and Graduate students have the opportunity to design and implement their own research projects. Projects have included a diverse range of topics from Butoh to disaster recovery.

Specific student projects:

Dominant Cultural Narratives’ Impact on Attitudes toward Homeless Persons and Policy on O‘ahu

This study aims to understand the impact that media-perpetuated narratives about homelessness on O‘ahu have on community stakeholders’ beliefs/attitudes toward “the homeless” and their proposed solutions. Results can be used to develop interventions that seek to reduce stigma and promote more effective policies by producing healthier and more accurate narratives.

Community-based Organizations and Long-term Disaster Recovery from Hurricane Katrina

The purpose of this study is to understand the role that CBOs play in long-term recovery by examining the ways in which CBOs on the Mississippi Gulf Coast (MSGC) have transitioned into long-term recovery from Hurricane Katrina while simultaneously responding to and recovering from subsequent, consecutive disasters. This study uses content analysis and thematic coding of in-depth interviews to explore the ways in which CBOs on the MSGCare participating in, contributing to, & effected by long-term recovery.