Undergraduate Research Assistants present their poster at the Fall 2017 Undergraduate Showcase. Also pictured, Clubhouse members and staff and graduate assistant, Joy Agner.

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to gain meaningful experience in and out of the university. If you are interested in learning more about opportunities within the lab, please contact Jack Barile (Barile@Hawaii.edu).

Current Undergraduate Research Assistants

Chelsie Arume

Adriana Botero

Philippe Busse

Fall 2017 Undergraduate Research Showcase

Top Left: Adriana Botero and Tiffany Cha: Honorable Mention Poster and Nikolas Herrera: First Place Poster ; Bottom Left: Nikolas Herrera presenting his award-winning poster, "Honeybees (Apis mellifera) Learn to Choose the Odd Size"; Right: Adriana Botero, Tiffany Cha, and Nikolas Herrera with their poster, "Exploring the Lives of Clubhouse Members on O‘ahu through Photovoice"

Former Research Assistants

Kara Lei Muraoka

Spring 2017-Fall 2017

I was born and raised in Hawai‘i. I am currently majoring in pre-medical psychology and my career interest is optometry. Psychology provides me with the knowledge of holistically understanding the differences amongst age groups through the combined effect of social development, cognitive development, and physical well-being. I hope to incorporate psychology as well as my medical interests in promoting healthy habits and preventing illness.

Research interests:

  • Currently working on the Housing First program, which emphasizes housing people experiencing homelessness first and then providing support and community services.
  • Understanding the individual and environmental factors that contribute to health and illness.
  • How the field of psychology can improve and administer health care.

Hui-Chuan Cheng

Fall 2016 -Spring 2017

I am transferred student from Taiwan. I choosing psychology as my major because I believe mental health is as important as physical one. As a psychology junior student, I am exploring my future path for psychology. I took different filed of psychology courses and join the lab. By working in the lab, I can prepare myself for graduate school. The lab program I am working on is Housing First Program. This program provides homeless people a place to live. After they settled down, the team will keep tracking homeless’s live by interviewing them. I felt great to join this team because I can apply what I learned to real live and help people.

Research Interests:

  • The relationship between ill health and poverty.
  • How ethnicity could affect one’s life expectancy.

Charlenee Caraang

Spring 2016, Summer 2016, Fall 2016

Born in the Philippines, I moved to Hawaii with my parents and 6 older siblings when I was 3. I am currently a pre-medical student pursing a career in psychiatry or family practice in rural medicine. I believe in incorporating a holistic approach to truly healing the body and hope to use my interest in the biology and psychology of human behavior and development as a bridge to serving the physical and mental well-being of the under-served populations.

Research Interests

  • Presently working on the Housing First Grant conducting an on-going assessment to evaluate the status of the Housing First program.
  • Determining how cultural and environmental factors play a role in the well-being of the homeless population.
  • Determining how ecological factors may be involved in the treatments of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Michelle Marchant

Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Currently, I am majoring in Global Environmental Science and Psychology. I am interested in a lot of things in science, diving, languages, games, and much more. It is a broad range of interest, but I wish to pursue a career that can combine the two elements of the environment and the human aspect. I am fascinated on how humans and the environment interact interchangeably.

Will Harper

Spring 2016

Originally from Ohio I moved to Hawaii in 2002 and subsequently served 3 combat tours with the US Army. Hoping to use my experiences and understanding of veterans to pursue a career in the research and understanding of individuals suffering from military-related mental health issues. I believe that optimum health and true healing only can occur when the mind, body, and spirit are being nourished and in balance.

Research Interests

  • How to integrate eastern and western health care solutions for the well-being of individuals suffering from post traumatic stress disorder
  • How to facilitate a successful transition from the military to the civilian community for individuals diagnosed with military related mental health issues.

Erika Ramirez

Spring 2016

I moved to Hawaii from Los Angeles, California to pursue a major in Psychology at UH in order to become a clinical psychologist. Shortly after my transition to Manoa I became interested in the possibility of conducting research in order to gain knowledge about the thought processes that guide human behavior and interactions. I am interested in learning how not only a person’s biology and their intentions can predict behavior but also how culture and environment are factors that contribute to the success of individual’s and communities. I am currently working in the Ecological Determinants Lab in an ongoing evaluation of the Housing First program which is designed to assist the homeless population in Hawaii.

Not Pictured: Deion Anunciación (Fall 2017), Adriana Botero (Fall 2017), Philippe Busse (Spring 2018), Tiffany Cha (Fall 2017-Spring 2018), Nicole Hayler (Fall 2017), Nikolas Herrera (Fall 2017-Spring 2018), Bryce Kaaikala (Fall 2017), Gina Kang (Fall 2017), Debbie Mangrobang (Spring 2017), Gianni Marabella (Summer 2018), Leona Motomochi (Spring 2017), Shekinah Landicho (Fall 2015), Andreas Remis (2014-15), Kiana St. Onge (Fall 2017-Spring 2018), & Eryne Tinajero (Fall 2017).