Graduate Students

Joy Agner, MS, OTR/L

5th-Year Community & Cultural

PhD Student

Research Interests:

  • Creating optimal physical & social environments for health & healing
  • Relationships between participation, power and health
  • Utilization of arts-based programs in reconciliation & trauma recovery
  • Program evaluation
  • Innovative qualitative methods, such as performance ethnography and Photovoice
  • Community-based participatory action research

Ongoing Projects:

  • Furthering theoretical development around patient empowerment and occupational justice
  • Evaluation of mental health Clubhouses on O‘ahu
  • Evaluation and research on new programs in child welfare on Hawai‘i Island and O‘ahu
  • Phenomenological and auto-ethnographic exploration of butoh as a form of collective healing


Holly Turner

3rd-Year Clinical

MA Student

Cassidy Webb

2nd-Year Community & Cultural

MA Student

Sarah Combs

1st-Year Community & Cultural

MA Student

We also collaborate with members of other labs. The following graduate students collaborate with our lab on various projects.

Sophie Gralapp, MA

6th-Year Community & Cultural

Dr. Maynard's Lab in Culture & Human Development

PhD Student

LEAD Projects

Devin Barney

3rd-Year Community & Cultural

Dr. Maynard's Lab in Culture & Human Development

MA Student

HIV & TASP Projects

Shari Brown


4th Year Clinical

PhD Student

HIV Projects

Mark Willingham


PhD Student

LEAD Projects

Graduate students and Dr. Barile, Spring 2016

End-of-the-Year Lab Party, May 2018

Recent graduates:

  • Anna Pruitt
  • Stevy Scarbrough