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Student Projects

Undergraduate and Graduate students have the opportunity to design and implement their own research projects. Projects have included a diverse range of topics from Butoh to disaster recovery.

Specific student projects:

Dominant Cultural Narratives’ Impact on Attitudes toward Homeless Persons and Policy on O‘ahu

This study aims to understand the impact that media-perpetuated narratives about homelessness on O‘ahu have on community stakeholders’ beliefs/attitudes toward “the homeless” and their proposed solutions. Results can be used to develop interventions that seek to reduce stigma and promote more effective policies. Take our survey here.

Community-based Organizations and Long-term Disaster Recovery from Hurricane Katrina

The purpose of this study is to understand the role that CBOs play in long-term recovery by examining the ways in which CBOs on the Mississippi Gulf Coast (MSGC) have transitioned into long-term recovery from Hurricane Katrina while simultaneously responding to and recovering from subsequent, consecutive disasters. This study uses content analysis and thematic coding of in-depth interviews to explore the ways in which CBOs on the MSGCare participating in, contributing to, & effected by long-term recovery.