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Here's a little taste of what's happening in the EcoLab!

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(Sophie at Koʻolau 
Ballrooms, Kaneʻohe, HI)

(Joy & Anna after workshop
Kaneʻohe, HI)



(Photo: Star Advertiser, 2017)

Ecolab members present "Improving the Lives of Hawaii's Most Marginalized" at the Dean's Hour talk. Jack, SophieJoy, and community partner, Heather Lusk discussed some of our projects working with marginalized groups.

Ecolab va a Chile! Anna Pruitt presents her work with Jack Barile, Joy Agner, and Celina Herrera at the International Conference on Community Psychology in Santiago, Chile! Check out the presentation: "Representation of Marginalized Groups in Academic Research: The Emancipatory Potential of Co-Authorship with Housing First Clients." 

Congratulations to Shoshana Cohen for winning first place in the H-PEA Poster Contest for her poster with Eva McKinsey, Gianni Marabella, and Anna Pruitt on taking a the "'Ohana Approach" to evaluation of programs in HI!

Ecolab members present at the 2018 Hawaiʻi-Pacific Evaluation Association Conference. Jack presents "Leveraging Collaborative Evaluations to Meet Academic and Community Needs" at the Ignite session and Shoshana presents her poster on "The 'Ohana Approach."

Anna launches her dissertation survey on media and homelessness in Honolulu! Take the survey here:

Jack, Joy, Sophie, Devin, and community partner Heather Lusk will be presenting on community-lab projects at the Dean's Hour on Oct 9 at 730-830am at the Pacific Club. The presentation is titled: "Improving the Lives of Hawaii's Most Marginalized." 

Congrats to Stevy for a successful dissertation proposal! Well done! 

Jack, Devin, Anna, and team from JABSOM have abstract number 2 accepted for presentation at the APHA Conference in San Diego. Their presentation, "Quality of Life of People Living with HIV and Fallen out of Care: A Need for Reengagement" will be November 12th at 3pm. 

Congratulations, Devin Barney for winning the HIV AIDS David Rosenstein Student Award for best student APHA abstract! APHA is a huge, competitive conference (over 12,000 attendees), it is a great honor! The presentation will be November 14 at the APHA Conference in San Diego.

Devin Barney presents his poster, "Approaches to HIV Treatment Re-Engagement and Engaging Systems of Care," co-authored with Anna PruittJoy Agner, and Jack Barile at the APA 2018 Convention in San Francisco!

Congrats, Shoshana CohenGianni Marabella, Loren Ng, & Anna Pruitt for having their poster  "The ‘OhanaApproach: A Call for Culturally Relevant Evaluation Designs Based on CBPR Principles" accepted to the Hawaiʻi-Pacific Evaluation Association 2018 Conference.

DevinJackAnna, and our partners at JABSOM have an abstract accepted for the 2018 American Public Health Association Annual Meeting in San Diego! They will be giving their presentation "HIV Treatment as Prevention: Barriers and Protective Factors to Treatment Engagement" on November 14, 2018.

Anna Pruitt presents her, Jack, and Evan's poster, "Social Support Mediates Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adult Depression: But Context Matters" at the Association for Psychological Sciences 2018 Convention in San Francisco.

Congratulations to Joy Agner who was just elected as the Society for Community Research and Action National Student Representative!

Anna Pruitt has abstract accepted to the International Conference of Community Psychology held in Santiago, Chile in October! The presentation will look at the "Representation of Marginalized Groups in Academic Research: The Emancipatory Potential of Co-Authorship with Housing First Clients."

Ecolabb-ers and associates celebrate the end of the semester at Moku Kitchen! :)


Jack, Joy, and Anna are honored at the Department of Psychology's Annual Award Luncheon! Jack received the Excellence in Research Award, and Anna and Joy received the Graduate Student Merit Award. Congrats!


Congrats to Joy Agner and Anna Pruitt for being recognized with the Graduate Student Merit Award, which recognizes outstanding research accomplishments of psychology graduate students working toward their degrees at UH Mānoa.

Congrats to Devin Barney for being accepted to the APA 2018 Convention in San Francisco! He will be presenting his poster, "Approaches to HIV Treatment Re-Engagement and Engaging Systems of Care," co-authored with Anna Pruitt, Joy Agner, and Jack Barile.

Congrats to Joy Agner for successfully defending her thesis!

Joy AgnerNikolas Herrera, Adriana Botero, Tiffany Cha, Deion Anunciacion, and Clubhouse members are presenting results from the Clubhouse Photovoice project at Mental Health Awareness Day at Honolulu Hale, March 29 from 10am-2pm. Stop by and see what they've been up to!

Evan Turner, Jack Barile, & Anna Pruitt have their poster " accepted to the APS Annual Convention in San Francisco this May!

Anna Pruitt successfully proposes her dissertation!

Way to go Anna!!

Jack and Anna's article "A latent class analysis of self-identified reasons for experiencing homelessness: Opportunities for prevention" is accepted for publication in the Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology!

Anna and Jack's article with members of the Housing First Photovoice Community Group is published in the American Journal of Community Psychology. The article, "Housing First and Photovoice: Transforming lives, communities, and  systems," is available for early view here.


Congrats to Anna Pruitt and the Housing First Photovoice group for being awarded the SCRA Mini-Grant for their follow-up Photovoice study! 

Congratulations to our undergraduate research assistants for their award-winning posters at the UH Fall 2017 Undergraduate Showcase! Nikolas Herrera took home 1st place for his poster, "Honeybees (Apis mellifera) Learn to Choose the Odd Size" with Dr. Couvillon. Adriana Botero and Tiffany Cha received honorable mention for their poster, "Exploring the Lives of Clubhouse Members on O‘ahu through Photovoice" with Jack and Joy. Congrats for all your hard work!


Jack and Anna's report on Housing First gets recognized in the College of Social Sciences Fall Newsletter. See article here.


Jack, Joy, & Sophie present on "Participatory Methods to Engaging Marginalized Stakeholders" at the American Evaluation Association 2017 Conference in Washington D.C.


Jack and Anna have their article "A Latent Class Analysis of Self-identified Reasons for Experiencing Homelessness: Opportunities for Prevention" accepted for publication in the Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology.


Anna, Jack, and the Housing First Photovoice Group have their article, "Housing First and Photovoice: Transforming Lives, Communities, and Systems" accepted for publication in the American Journal of Community Psychology!


Congrats to Anna Pruitt for passing her comprehensive exams! Next step, dissertation! 


Congrats to Sophie Gralapp for winning second place in the Hawaiʻi-Pacific Evaluation Association Conference 2017 poster contest! The poster focused on her and Jack's evaluation of CHOW's wound care program.


EcoLab members give workshops at the 2017 Hawaiʻi-Pacific Evaluation Association Conference. Jack gives a workshop on propensity score matching and Joy and Anna give a workshop on Photovoice. 


Check out Anna's post on the American Evaluation Association's blog!


Jack, Joy, and Anna have their proposed symposium accepted for presentation at the 2017 American Evaluation Association Conference in Washington D.C. in October. Fellow UH graduate student, Sophie Gralapp, will be a co-presenter.


Congrats, Jack for being awarded tenure and a promotion to associate professor!

6.21.17 - 6.24.17

Ecolab members attend SCRA in Ottawa, Canada! Joy presents her poster, "Empowerment in the medical realm: A qualitative review of studies from 10 countries" and leads a roundtable discussion, "The aftermath of the U.S. 2016 election: Bridging the gap among women." Jack presents his and Anna's work at "Research approaches to contextualizing homelessness" and co-leads a roundtable discussion on "Early career trajectories in community psychology: A presentation of findings and discussion of implications." 


Housing First study gets press coverage! See the Star Advertiser's "Homeless improve under city's Housing First program, study says."


Stevy Scarbrough presents her poster, "Independence moderates the relationship between ethnic identity, achievement, and perceived stress" at the Association for Psychological Science Annual Conference in Boston, MA.


Congratulations to research assistants, Min Koo Kang and Michelle Marchant, on their graduation today! We wish them the best of luck!


EcoLab Potluck at Kaimana Beach Park at 4pm to celebrate the end of a successful semester! Hope to see everyone there!

Jack is giving a talk on Homelessness and Crime 
Friday, April 21, 2017 from 12-230pm in Saunders 637. 

Check it out!


Congrats to Stevy for passing her comps!! 
One more hurdle and then we can call her 
Dr. Scarbrough!


Jack has an article on homeless service usage published in the American Journal of Community Psychology with former graduate student, Dr. Krissy Gleason, and UH Psychology Graduate Chair Dr. Charlene Baker! 


Congrats to Joy Agner for successfully proposing her thesis!


Jack Barile and Anna Pruitt participate in a panel on  “Homelessness in Hawaiʻi: Insights from Social Science” at the 2017 at the Hawai Sociological Association Annual Conference. 


Stevy Scarbrough's poster "Independence Moderates the Relationship Between Ethnic Identity Achievement and Perceived Stress" is accepted for presentation at the 29th Association for Psychological Science Annual Convention in Boston this May!


JackAnna, and Joy have abstracts accepted to present at the 2017 Society for Community Research and Action Conference in Ottawa, Canada this summer! Jack and Anna will be presenting on contextualizing homelessness with Dr. Krissy Gleason and Dr. Charlene Baker. Joy will be presenting on patient empowerment. 


Congrats to Joy Agner for receiving a Gartley Award! 



Congrats to Anna Pruitt for graduating with her Master's!


Jack and Anna have abstracts accepted to present with community leaders and colleagues on “Homelessness in Hawaiʻi: Insights from Social Science” at the 2017 Hawai Sociological Association Annual Conference. 


Congrats to Anna Smith for successfully defending her thesis!


JackAnna, and Joy present at the American Evaluation Conference in Atlanta, GA!


Shoutout to Joy Agner for helping organize the International Conference on Healthy and Resilient Aging in Honolulu! And to Jack for presenting his paper: "Understanding the Development of Multiple Chronic Conditions in Older Adults Using Latent Class Analysis"!


Check out the coverage of the PhotoVOICE project and exhibit in the Fall 2016 Psych Graduate Student Newsletter!


Jack Barile, Stevy Scarbrough, and Anna Smith presented demonstrations at the 2016 HPEA Conference in Kaneohe, HI! Jack presents: "When it Works for Some: How to Use Statistical Methodologies to Help Identify Moderators of Program Effects" and Stevy Scarbrough and Anna Smith present "Using Photovoice in Program Evaluation".


Dr. Jack Barile joins "The Conversation" on Hawaii Public Radio to discuss results from the first year evaluation report of Housing First. Listen here


Check out this article on UH news regarding our evaluation report on Housing First and the Photovoice project!! And this segment on Hawaii News Now and another segment on KFVE. 


Jack & Anna's Photovoice project & report made it in the Star Advertiser! See article here.


Tonight was the opening reception for the art exhibit featuring work from our Photovoice group with IHS Housing First clients! A collaborative effort with IHS, the City, and the College of Social Sciences, the reception took place at Honolulu Hale and featured remarks from the mayor, the dean of the College of Social Science, IHS Chaplain Terry Ogawa, Dr. Jack BarileAnna Smith, and two of our client photographers! Thanks to everyone who made this event possible! Please check out the exhibit, which will be up through July 19th in the Honolulu Hale Courtyard. And see KITV news coverage here


Dr. Jack Barile and Anna Smith's article, "Our Theories Are Only as Good as Our Methods" was published in The Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice. Check it out here!


Joy Agner presented her and Jack's poster, "Proxy Versus Self-report: Assessing Health-related Quality of Life and Functional Status in Older Adults" at the Society for Prevention Research 24th Annual Meeting in San Fran!


Check out the spotlight on EcoLab in the summer edition of the Psych Graduate Student Newsletter


Stevy Scarbrough graduated with her Master's. Congrats, Stevy!


The Eco-Lab had a fun end-of-the-semester pau hana at Himalayan Kitchen! Thanks, everyone, for a fun (and productive) semester!


Congrats to Anna Smith for receiving GSO funding to travel to South Carolina to conduct a pilot study with farmers affected by the 2015 flood!


Congratulations to lab member, Stevy Scarbrough, for successfully defending her thesis on the relationship between cultural/ethnic identity and perceptions of wellness! Yay Stevy! Now onward to your PhD! :)


Joy Agner presented her poster, "Re-thinking Inclusion: Intersections with Culture, Stigma and Accessibility", at the 32nd Annual Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity in Honolulu!


Congrats to Anna Smith for successfully proposing her thesis!


Dr. Jack Barile joined Hawaii Public Radio's "The Conversation" to discuss the Housing First evaluation report. Listen here